ACTING - my first passion. I started acting when I was 14 and living in the Philippines. A talent scout came to our school and spotted me at volleyball practice. She asked if I was interested in doing commercials, and I said "Hell yea!" Since then, I received a BA in Theater from UGA, was an apprentice at The Shakespeare Tavern, and continue to be a working Film/TV actor.

COMEDY -My career in comedy started when I took a sketch comedy class from Sketchworks. Since then, I've performed in numerous sketch comedy shows and videos with Sketchworks Comedy, Highwire Comedy, and Ladie's Night. Not only have I enjoyed performing, but I've also written sketches, edited comedy videos, and coached young actors about the magic of comedy.

VOICEOVER - In addition to being in front of the camera, you can also catch me behind the microphone as a Voice-Over Artist and Audiobook Narrator.

Maria Liatis in green dress
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